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Fax Number: 086 606 5666

Cell Number: (+27) 076 614 4763

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Welcome to Shamu Bookkeeping Services (Pty) Ltd

South Africa’s Premier Bookkeeping and Taxation Services Company

Bookkeeping Services and Tax Services is two of the most important tasks in any business in South Africa.

Outsourcing your bookkeeping services and tax services can keep your business both compliant and leave you to run your day to day operations of your company. It is a legal requirement to keep good bookkeeping records of all your business transactions and this is done done by a bookkeeper. As bookkeepers it is our function to perform this bookkeeping task and report back to you our client, on a regular basis with reports such as a trial balance and Income statement.

Tax services is just as important to any business as it is required by law to register for company income tax as well as to submit your tax returns and to pay your taxes to SARS. We will prepare and submit to SARS all your required income tax returns, should they be either business income tax returns or your personal  income tax returns.

We arrange on behalf of our client’s SARS issued Tax Clearance Certificates valid for 1 calendar year.

We compile Annual Financial Statements for all types of business, these signed off by registered Accountants , as determined by our business Public Interest Score (PIS). These annual financial statements are compiled by our internal Professional Accountants.

We also issue BBEEE certificates and prepare assist with BBEEE scorecards issued by an accredited SANAS Accredited Agent.

Tax audits, tax objections and tax appeals where SARS has raised a tax assessment and you as the taxpayer, do not agree, our tax professionals and tax practitioners will guide you through the tax process, we may even with the correct documentation required by SARS, lodge these SARS objections and SARS appeals for the taxpayer.

Accounting software can also assist any business that may not want to outsource their bookkeeping function, it is important that when you use any accounting software, it must be complaint with the Tax Acts and Sage accounting software is such a program. We offer an exclusive 5% discount off any retail price of the accounting software and we will deliver by door-to-door courier the original and sealed accounting software packages to you

Shamu Bookkeeping Services (Pty) Ltd can assist you with all the above requirements and you are welcome to visit our Blog or contact us or even our Facebook page for more information